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Artist Statement

I equate the raw textures of nature with character. Rough surfaces, organic lines, and natural shapes represent the preparation for and weathering of life. In nature, external textures are locations of sensation, interaction, and protection, but surfaces are also sites of exposure, survival, and scars. Weathering is a natural process of deterioration, decay, and transformation. And so it is with humans. Our experiences, hand-in-hand with how we choose to process them, give rise to our textures, our character, our rough or soft edges. In my work, I experiment with the unpolished beauty, grit, and originality that texture can bring to a form. It is this connection that fuels my exploration.

Jamie Woodard was raised in Lancaster, PA. In 2002 she completed an associate’s degree in interior design at the Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts in nearby York, PA.. In 2004, Jamie transplanted to Tucson, AZ and gained valuable experience in administration, behavioral health, and varying types of design. In 2013, she joined the studio staff at Santa Theresa Tileworks, a small business of local artists who make original, hand-cut tiles and mosaics. While there, Jamie finished an associate’s degree in applied arts at Pima Community College. In 2014, she moved to Maryville, MO and began studying at Northwest Missouri State University. Jamie graduated with honors in December, 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in ceramics. As of May of 2017 Jamie once again calls Tucson, AZ home, and is excited to be working at Monsoon Chocolate decorating chocolate confections while also building her ceramics business.


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